Vertically Integrated Knitwear Production:
From Yarn to Garments!

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About the factory
DAKA-TEX is a vertically integrated knitwear production!

DAKA-TEX was founded in 2008 as a yarn spinning factory. Now DAKA-TEX is:

  • over 800 employees
  • top 10 knitwear factories in Uzbekistan
  • modern automated equipment
  • 300 tons of yarn per month
  • 300 tons of dyed fabrics per month
  • 12 full-fledged sewing lines
  • 400 thousand units of knitted garments per month
  • 260 thousand prints of various design per month
  • and more
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About the factory

Tons of Yarn per Month


Tons of Dyed Fabric per Month


Thousand Units of Knitted Garments per Month


Thousand Prints per Month

Our products
Yarn Spinning Department
Yarn Spinning Department

The structure of DAKA-TEX includes a separate large enterprise producing cotton carded ring spun yarn with a linear density from 34 / 1 Nm to 68 / 1 Nm for weaving and knitting. There are large stocks of the main types of yarn on site.

Knitting Department
Knitting Department

The factory has modern knitting machines: Pilotelli (Italy) and Pailung (Taiwan), capable of creating different types of knitted fabrics with 100% cotton composition, mixed composition, as well as from mixed yarn. Types of fabrics: Single Jersey, Double Jersey, Pique, Terry, Rib and etc.

Dyeing Department
Dyeing Department

Dyeing is the youngest section of our production chain. The modern Turkish equipment Canlar Mekatronik is used. The precision of dye proportions is set by the automated system Eliar (Turkey) and Bianco (Italy). Production capacity of 10 tons of dyed fabric per day.

Sewing Department
Sewing Department

Daka-Tex is one of the top 10 largest vertically integrated knitting factories in Uzbekistan. The production is equipped with modern equipment. The sewing department has 12 fully equipped lines with advanced full-cycle sewing equipment JUKI (Japan).

Printing Department
Printing Department

In the arsenal of the factory there are two modern equipment of the ROQ brand (Portugal): round on 12 colors and oval on 16 colors. Production capacity: 10 thousand units per day. We can produce silk-screen prints of various special effects (Puff, Silicon, Volume Rubber, Foil, Metallic, Neon, etc.)

Experimental Workshop
Experimental Workshop

The factory has a separate experimental workshop with a staff of designers, technicians, and seamstresses. The factory is capable of producing models of any level of complexity, and also, if necessary, develop models of their own or offer improvements to the models presented by the customer. Samples are made on site and sent to the customer for approval.

Why us?
Right on Time

Having worked in this industry for over XNUMX years, we are well aware that timing is one of the most crucial criteria!

New Technologies

Modern technologies and innovative approach are applied in our production with continuous improvement. We work to minimise the human factor and improve the quality of our products constantly.

Full Vertical Integration

Daka-Tex is a system of factories, including yarn spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing and sewing of finished garments. This allows for greater quality control, while always delivering on schedule.

We have been trusted for many years

We work with many well-known brands, including:


Yarn Spinning

140100, Uzbekistan, Samarkand, st. Narpay, 170
+998 662222432
+998 662229653
+998 906050690

Knitting and Dyeing

140100, Uzbekistan, Samarkand, st. Bedil, 24, 140100
+998 99 7722223
+998 98 1377775

Sewing Department

140100, Uzbekistan, Samarkand, st. Bedil, 24, 140100
+998 90 6050690
+998 98 1377775

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