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Knitting Department

We produce all kinds of knitted fabric. Minimum order quantity - 10000 kg (1000 kg per fabric type, 200 kg per color).

Finished goods

We carry out all stages of the production of finished products on a turnkey basis. The minimum order quantity is 10000 pcs.

About the factory
Knitted fabric wholesale from Uzbekistan

DAKA-TEX - complex production and wholesale of knitted products from Uzbekistan

The factory for the production of cotton yarn and fabrics in Uzbekistan DAKA-TEX is the largest supplier of knitted products to Italy, Russia, Germany and other regions. We invite partners to mutually beneficial cooperation - you can always buy knitted fabrics and finished products in bulk from our company on the most acceptable terms.

Production facilities operate around the clock, while we carry out the entire cycle of work - from the production of yarn to sewing finished knitwear. Partnership with our company is a guarantee of uninterrupted supply of fabric and knitwear in the shortest possible time with a guarantee of quality!

History and achievements of DAKA-TEX

The history of the brand began back in 2008, when we started the production of yarn in Samarkand, making carded, ring-spun yarn. Over 14 years of efficient work, we have brought technological processes to a new level of efficiency, having won a high level of trust from wholesale buyers. Today, the knitwear factory with vertical integration DAKA-TEX combines all production links into a single, well-coordinated technological process:

  • Spinning factory. The spinning mill is equipped with a complete complex of Swiss made Rieter equipment and produces Ne 20/1 and Ne 30/1 carded yarns.
  • Sewing factory. Today, the workshops are equipped with the latest Japanese sewing equipment JUKI and advanced technologies are used. We carry out the development, layout of patterns, create product samples according to individual customer requests, improve technical parameters and test.
  • Knitting shop. We use circular knitting and flat knitting machines from leading manufacturers in Italy, Taiwan and China. There are single jersey and double jersey circular knitting machines for the production of knitted fabrics of all popular types: single jersey, double jersey (interlock), 2-thread and 3-thread terry, pique and rib. Natural organic cotton is used in production, the addition of elastane and polyester guarantees a high level of aesthetics and wear resistance.
  • Dyeing Department. Dyeing of knitted fabrics on modern Turkish and Italian equipment using high-quality dyes provides the highest colour accuracy, light fastness and washing resistance.
  • Cutting Department - ultra-precise cutting of fabrics using Bullmer automatic cutting equipment guarantees higher efficiency and quality of the finished product.
  • Printing Department - we carry out silkscreen printing of any complexity using advanced printing machines with subsequent fixation in the drying machine.

Advantages of cooperation with DAKA-TEX

Why do customers choose direct deliveries of cotton yarn, knitted fabric and garments from the manufacturer DAKA-TEX?

  • We are in the TOP 10 Uzbek factories for the production of knitwear.
  • We produce 300 tons of dyed fabric per month.
  • 12 lines of sewing production are systematically adjusted and functioning.
  • The company has hundreds of highly qualified employees.
  • We produce about 500 thousand garments monthly.
  • The production capacity of the print shop is more than 250 prints per month.
  • 50% of customers come from referrals.
  • Transparent pricing, the risk of additional costs is excluded.
  • Prompt and careful delivery.
  • Warranty for all goods.

DAKA-TEX is a high-tech vertically integrated factory with the authority of a recognized leader in the production of yarn, knitting and dyeing of knitted fabric, sewing and printing products. Get a detailed consultation and find out everything about your benefits.


Tons of Yarn per Month


Tons of Dyed Fabric per Month


Thousand Units of Knitted Garments per Month


Thousand Prints per Month

Why us?
Right on Time

Having worked in this industry for over XNUMX years, we are well aware that timing is one of the most crucial criteria!

New Technologies

Modern technologies and innovative approach are applied in our production with continuous improvement. We work to minimise the human factor and improve the quality of our products constantly.

Full Vertical Integration

Daka-Tex is a system of factories, including yarn spinning, knitting, dyeing, printing and sewing of finished garments. This allows for greater quality control, while always delivering on schedule.

We have been trusted for many years

We work with many well-known brands, including:


Sewing and Printing

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Knitting and Dyeing

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Yarn Spinning

140100, Uzbekistan, Samarkand, st. Narpayskaya, 170.

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