Culinary smooth surface: composition, characteristics, advantages

weaving texture culinary surface

Among the unprecedented variety of modern materials, the cooler has a special place. A thin, smooth, pleasant to the touch knitted fabric is made of pure cotton. Culinary smoothness is a knit cross-knit. All rows of the series are formed from one or several threads in series. The fabric created from cotton fibers is highly regarded for its strength, softness, and hygroscopicity. It practically does not crease, so a product sewn from an elastic material does not need ironing. Despite its subtlety, the cooler is quite durable. It is not surprising that fabric as light as a breeze is widely used for sewing clothes in Uzbekistan for women, for newborns and for children of all ages, as well as in the production of bedding.

Features, advantages of clothing, home textiles from the coulir surface 

Regardless of the external conditions, for absolute comfort, clothing that can support the heat and moisture exchange of the human body is important. The skin must be ventilated, "breathe". Materials that have insufficient breathability can interfere with this, as they provoke discomfort. Kulirka is an ideal option for everyone who is not used to experiencing the inconvenience caused by fabric errors. Waistcoat outfits are feminine silhouettes, original design, wear. Models made of fine delicate fabrics look advantageous thanks to thoughtful cuts, a variety of colors, spectacular fitted silhouettes, which are at the same time feminine, practical and seductive. The cool surface has other significant advantages.

  • Form stability (does not deform, does not stretch during wear and as a result of frequent washing).
  • Ecological cleanliness, safety.
  • Hypoallergenic properties.
  • The body under such clothes does not overheat.
  • Knitwear does not fade, does not lose the saturation of shades.
  • Things from the cooler are undemanding to care.
  • The canvas stretches well in width. This ensures a perfect fit on the body, makes T-shirts, sundresses, tunics made of linen, clothes for home, relaxation and sleep even more comfortable. 

Kulirka products: original, fashionable and fresh!

Prices for products made of thin knitted fabric are very attractive, so nothing will prevent customers from updating their wardrobe. The clothes from the cooker are designed for women of different ages and body sizes who choose elegance, value beauty and harmony. Exclusive design, bright fabrics, original finishes - all this is used by designers, developing effective and stylish clothes from the curtain surface.

The simplicity of the silhouette, the absence of excessive decor is more than compensated by a precise laconic cut. Thanks to this, any thing sits perfectly on the figure. On "DAKA-TEX" you can not only buy fabric at the most loyal cost, but also place an order for sewing clothes and accessories for the bedroom from the cooler. Products are created using the most modern equipment: stitching-overlapping, edge-overmersing machines. That is why high-quality high-quality textiles will be appreciated by the most demanding customers.