DAKA-TEX factory is one of the leading and largest full-cycle factories in Uzbekistan.

We cooperate with large federal networks selling clothes in Russia and the CIS countries, we supply knitted yarn and dyed knitted fabrics to Russia, Italy, Turkey, China and other countries.

We are open to long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation.


Manufacture of ready-made knitwear to order

We have accumulated vast experience in the production of ready-made knitwear to order. For many years we have been trusted by companies: Gloria Jeans, MODIS, Vse Mayki, Wildberries, Oodji, Detsky Mir, STAN, Teximport, Coca-Cola, Vostok Service, Expert Overalls, Auchan, Profmax, TechnoAvia, Beeline and others.

After agreeing on all contractual conditions, the process of placing an order is as follows:

1. A miscalculation of the cost and terms of production is made.
2. "Fit" samples, fabric samples, stuffings are produced. Submitted to the customer for approval.
3. A pre-production sample is produced. Submitted to the customer for approval.
4. Actually production.
5. Shipment of goods to the customer.

Send us your models for calculation - we will be happy to calculate the cost of production for you.


Request for quotations and placing an order

You can leave us a message using the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Knitting DepartmentWe produce all kinds of knitted fabric. Minimum order quantity – 10000 kg (1000 kg per fabric type, 200 kg per color).

Finished goodsWe carry out all stages of the production of finished products on a turnkey basis. Minimum order quantity – 10000 pcs.