Cotton yarn and knitted fabric from the manufacturer’s warehouse

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Our enterprise "DAKA-TEX" (Samarkand, Uzbekistan) specializes in the production and yarn sales Nm50 / 1 (Ne30 / 1), knitted fabric from the manufacturer’s warehouse. Cotton yarn with linear density Nm50 / 1 (Ne30 / 1) It is made in a ring spinning method and is used for weaving and knitting. Knitting Department It is made on circular knitting machines.

Cotton yarn on bobbins It is manufactured using modern high-tech Swiss-made equipment by Rieter, using modern cotton cleaning technology Jossi Vision Shield and Italian-made winding machines SAVIO using quality control heads Uster Quantum 2.

Laboratory control of cotton yarn is carried out at each stage of production using USTER TESTER 5 laboratory equipment, which allows us to produce high-quality cotton yarn of uniform density that meets European standards.

Knitted fabric It is made on the modern high-tech circular knitting equipment of the Italian production Pilotelli (2011 of release). The quality control of the canvas is performed on modern equipment.

Yarn output is 300 tons per month. We supply wholesale yarn to any region of Russia. Finished weaving yarn is folded into polypropylene bags along 24 bobbins using cardboard inserts for better transportability. Each bobbin of yarn is packed in a plastic bag.

Always in stock yarn and knitted fabric from a warehouse in Samarkand:

  • cotton yarn Nm 34 / 1 (Ne 20 / 1)
  • cotton yarn Nm 50 / 1 (Ne 30 / 1)
  • Knitting Department